Tiny Tots 

                   WE MAKE LEARNING FUN!


I am so happy that three years ago I found this amazing preschool!  The years have flown by and I can't believe Sara is graduating.  I am feeling great though because she is more than ready for kindergarten and I thank all of you for preparing her.  Your support, kindness and love means the world to me as a parent.  So glad I have more years here with all of you as we get Ali prepared! 

Many Thanks - The Paul Family

Both my daughter and son have attended the Tiny Tots Nursery School in Easton, MA. I cannot say enough about how wonderful this school is. The staff at Tiny Tots sincerely cares about the children and their development. It was so important to me that my children have a positive first experience with school. The teachers and administrators at Tiny Tots gave that gift to them. There is a wonderful sense of community at Tiny Tots which is fostered by the staff's amazing ability to teach the children how to be good friends to each other. They learn so much in such a short period of time and they have fun doing it. I continue to be amazed with all of the activities that they do with the children. The Tiny Tots facilities are perfect for preschoolers. The outside play area is safe and filled with fun things to do. The classroom is bright and cheery and they have an indoor gymnasium so that the children can run and ride big wheels during those cold winter months. I am so thankful that my children had the opportunity to attend Tiny Tots. - Tara Vasiliou 

On behalf of entire family, we would like to thank everyone at Tiny Tots for such a pleasurable experience during our children's early development.  Your kindness, professionalism, patience and care , as well as all your teachings, will always be remembered.  Thank you for taking care of Courtney and Sean. - The Raymond Family

Tiny Tots is an excellent school and it’s great reputation reflects well on our church. Not only that, the positive attitudes, enthusiasm, creativity, and care that are evident make being around the school a pleasure for my children, parents, staff and me! Thanks for your leadership. - Pastor Mark

Thank you for making Dylan's second year at Tiny Tots a wonderful one!  We appreciate the kindness, compassion, patience and genuine love for the children that you showed.  Dylan LOVED going to school!  Tiny Tots is such a fantastic place! -The Jackson's
Just a note to tell you how much it has meant to all of us to have been part of the Tiny Tots family for the past nine years. You have helped shape our three kids into the special people they are. If their future experiences are as wonderful as the ones at Tiny Tots, they will be very lucky. We are so glad you have been a part of our lives. The warmth, caring and love that you show to all your children really shows. We will miss you all and we want you to know how much you’ve all meant to us these past several years! - Rochelle Cohen

Where do I begin? Anna had a wonderful year at preschool. She grew and changed so much. Thank you for all that you have done to encourage Anna and also Amy and Jessica when they were here. All three of the girls have such great memories of preschool. We appreciate what you have done for all of our children. - Bethanie Rice

I want to extend a special thank you to each of you on behalf of our family. We have spent seven wonderful years at Tiny Tots and I can’t thank you enough for all the love, teaching and nurturing you gave all three of our kids. The experience was a memory to keep forever and we are so sad to leave. -The Carney Family