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About Us

Tiny Tots PRESCHOOL was established in 1968 and is the longest running preschool in the town of Easton. Tiny Tots is a State accredited school licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care. First and foremost, we believe in joyful learning!  We are dedicated to providing exciting opportunities for the children to develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through arts, thematic units, science and nature, and creative play. Speech and language, and fine motor skills are developed daily through literature, crafts, finger play and music and movement. Math skills are developed through manipalitives, daily calendar and counting, graphing, sorting, patterning and measuring.

Through interaction with their peers, the children engage in problem solving, and conflict resolution, as well as making lasting friendships. Under the guidance of our devoted and nurturing teachers, the children are provided opportunities to develop self-confidence, independence, and a love of learning, which is the true beginning of a great student and academic success. Our  large gym and outdoor playground promotes gross motor development and provide physical activity, encouraging health and fitness on a daily basis.

We offer a spacious, cheery classroom environment, with curriculum geared towards learning through open-ended, hands-on activities that encourage curiosity and enthusiasm throughout the school year. Fun and exciting themes, our large gym, and/or outdoor play yard, provide the opportunity for the children to learn, be creative, and freely express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.  Most importantly, we strive to make all our children feel secure, special, and loved focusing on each child's individuality and uniqueness


Preschool Program

TUES/THURS 3 YR. OLD CLASS  Children must be 2.9 by August 31st or starting date

Tuesday/Thursday 8:45 – 11:30 ($230 per month)   or   Tuesday /Thursday 8:45-1:00 ($275 per month) 

Your child does not need to be potty trained.

Our three year old program's main objective is to guide your child with social development, communication skills, separation and cooperative play. Colors, counting, numbers, shapes, manipulatives and creative arts are also incorporated throughout the day. Circle time with music and movement, games, stories, and many other theme related fun activities are part of our learning. Free play and social interaction, as well as physical activity are all part of our daily routine. We encourage the beginning of independence and self-reliance. A happy, nurturing environment is our goal!

This class is limited to 20 children

Pre-Kindergarten PROGRAM

MON/WED/FRI 4 YR. OLD CLASS   PREKINDERGARTEN CURRICULUM   Children must be 4 by August 31st

    M/W/F  8:45-1:00 ($310 per month)     or     M/W/F 8:45-2:30 ($355 per month)

Our four year old program's main objective is to prepare your child for kindergarten. We follow the Massachusetts Prekindergarten Standards in Mathematics, English, Language Arts and Literacy, and Science, Technology and Engineering.We follow these guidelines developed by the Department of EEC. incorporating these standards into our daily planning. With these guidelines, your child will be given opportunities to learn and grow in a happy, positive and encouraging environment. Our highly experienced, nurturing teachers provide social/emotional development, cognitive learning, critical thinking, fine and gross motor skills, and hearing/speech/language development for your child through a magnitude of interactive activities. Our daily calendar, letter of the week, letter recognition and their sounds, and stories, as well as number recognition, counting, basic addition and subtraction, estimating, patterns, graphing, number and letter formation, are all part of our daily routine and lay the groundwork needed to prepare your child for kindergarten. Monthly thematic units, cooking, science, crafts, and music/movement provide great learning opportunities for your child to explore and be creative.  We work with all children according to their academic abilities, keeping in mind their level of development and always encouraging a love of learning and academic success. In addition, through interaction with their peers, your child will make lasting friendships. Entering Kindergarten confident, eager to learn, prepared, ready for new challenges and happy is our #1 goal for each child! 

This class is limited to 20 children.


FOUR DAY  CLASS  Children must be 2.9 - 4 by August 31st or starting date

M/T/W/TH  8:45-1:00 ($355 per month) or you may choose M/W 8:45-1:00 ($275 per month) or T/TH 8:45-1:00 ($275 per month)

Our Multi-Age program is designed for children who would benefit from a 4 day program or who have siblings in another one of our classes. Our same objectives will be implemented as in our 2 and 3 day classes, with activities being age appropriate.  At times, children will be separated into groups according to their age, for various learning opportunities.  A separate classroom will be used in the morning until lunch time when the children will go into the larger classroom to join their friends. Your child may come all four days or any two days on M/W or T/Th only.  

This class is limited to 8 children.


Daily Activities 

Outdoor play or gym time is part of our daily planning.                                    

Daily activities include: manipulatives, circle time, stories, language development, songs and finger play, music and movement, gross and large motor activities, arts and crafts, dramatic play, science and exploration center, creative craft center, snack time, cooking, daily outdoor activities (weather permitting) and/or gym time. Our 3-Day class is geared toward preparing the children for kindergarten including, phonics, letter of the week, daily calendar, math enrichment skills, number and letter recognition, language development through show 'n tell, and creative writing.

Themes and Special Events

Halloween Parade                                           Visit from Nutritionist                                          Music Workshop with Kirstie Wheeler

Down on the Farm                                          Harvesting and Healthy Bodies                          Visit from Fire Department

Traveling to other Countries                         Teddy Bear Picnic                                                All About Space

Annual Pajama Party                                      Under Construction                                             Summer Solstice                                               

Pancake Breakfast                                          Holiday Program                                                   Mother's Day Tea

Field Day                                                          Graduation                                                            Summer Camp