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Posted by Joan Sullivan on February 5, 2020 at 1:40 PM

Community Helpers weeks were full of great fun and learning! The 3 Day class had an excellent visit from Sherry Sender, a specialist at the NRT Sheep Pasture. Sherry presented a program called Mad Science, to go along with our Community Helpers weeks. The teachers did many science experiments as well and even made silly puddy. During Nurse/Dr. week, we had a visit from Aaron’s mom who talked about taking care of the sick and ourselves during this cold and flu season! Alaina’s mom provided us with first aid supplies and the children really enjoyed “caring” for each other and then, caring for their pets. Fire Fighter, Police Officer day was fantastic as well, as the excitement of putting out fires, public safety, and detective work was taken quite seriously! A special visit from the Oaks Ames Librarian was greatly appreciated on Librarian day. She read several stories to the children, many about what librarians do. We ended with baking and set up our very own Dunkin Donuts station. It was amazing how many children knew exactly how to order and serve coffee and treats as well. Counting and estimating were key in running DD smoothly. Circle time and table time were great opportunities to learn all about the every day “helpers” in our community and children were very excited and eager to participate.


Our annual Valentine’s Day parties will be on Wednesday the 13th and Thursday the 14th. All children can bring Valentine Cards to school for their friends. Please have your child sign the back of the cards but do not put any names on the front envelopes. This will allow the children to pass out their cards on their own quickly. It is best if you send the cards in a zip lock bag marked with your child’s name on the front.

2-DAY: 20 children 3-DAY: 20 children Multi Age: 8 children (M/W and T/TH)

There will be a sign-up sheet on the doors across from the classroom with a list of items we need for our party. Please only one person’s name for each line to avoid too many treats.

Also, during the month of February, the children can bring in Kindness Hearts. These are hearts that we provide so when your child does a nice deed or act of kindness (i.e.: help clean up, help with younger siblings, shows a sign of affection), you can write it down on a heart and the children can bring them into school to share with their classmates. This is a great way to encourage your child to be especially nice during this month of love and get a pat on the back as well!

Parents in the 3-day class keep a watch out for a special letter from your child that will be arriving shortly before Valentine’s Day. They will be learning their addresses and phone numbers! Please let a teacher know which phone # is best for your child to learn.


PAJAMA DAY is always a fun day! 2-Day class, please send your children in their cozy pajamas on Thursday, February 6th. Lots of fun activities are planned for this special day! The 3-day class had a blast!


The 3 day class will be “traveling” during the end of Feb and early March. Countries will include Hawaii, Africa, Mexico, China, Italy and Ireland! If you have any experience with these countries and would like to share them with our class, please contact a teacher to plan it. We would love to have you!! Foods from the countries will tie in to our snack sign-up sheet. Again, talk to a teacher for any questions. On Feb. 26 and 27th, we will begin with a “trip” to Hawaii. Dress for the hot weather!


REGISTRATION The 3-DAY class and Multi-Day classes are FULL! Just a couple of openings left in our 2-Day class. We are so excited that so many children are returning, as well as siblings! Tuition for September is due in April to secure your child’s spot. This will be necessary this year as we already have children on our waiting list. Thank you in advance!


School Vacation week is February 17th to February 21st.

Federal I.D. # for taxes for child care purposes: 0 4 - 2 4 5 8 9 6 8

Planning Ahead: School Pictures will be March 25th and 26th ~ Details to follow.

Summer Camp for the 3-day class will be the weeks of: May 26th and June ~1st Details to follow



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